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Southern Rockers (by Marley Brant)

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Southern Rockers

Southern Rockers
(by Marley Brant)


ISBN: 9780823084203

  • 1999 edition. 288 pages.
  • Published by Watson-Guptill Publications
  • Paperback. Indexed.
  • Condition: Good.


The Roots and Legacy of Southern Rock

Southern Rock groups have captured the imaginations of millions of diehard rock and roll fans with their charismatic, hard-driving musical rebellion. The Allman Brothers Band, Wet Willie, The Outlaws, .38 Special, Grinderswitch, Blackfoot...all have knocked the music world off its feet with soulful, primal rhythm anthems to good times, hard times, wild living, romance, heartbreak, stoic independence, and gentle Southern landscapes. The bands offer honest glimpses into the human psyche in a style so unique that you're compelled to listen and to surrender to whatever emotion they're trying to evoke. and the down and dirty throb of the bass, virtuoso slide guitars, and the complex drumbeat defy the boredom of the nine-to-five world and propel you through the joys and mysteries of Saturday night in Dixie.

Backed by some of the foremost guitarists and songwriters of thier generation, including Duane and Gregg Allman, Ronnie Van Zant, and Toy Caldwell, these bands have made an indelible mark on the history of rock and roll. Though plagued by devastating personal tragedies, personnel changes due to the untimely departure of seminal founding members, the disenchantment of record companies, and the public's flirtations with such musical trends as disco and techno-pop, the bankds continue to record and tour. Today's high numbers of baby boomers and teenagers alike at their concerts make a clear statement that the bands continue to loom large not only as rock legends, but as active participants in the evoluation and growth of popular music. Southern Rock is alive, well, and, most definitely, here to stay.

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