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The Road He Travelled (by Arthur Jones)

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The Road He Travelled

The Road He Travelled
(by Arthur Jones)


ISBN: 9781846040795

  • 2007 edition. 305 pages
  • Published by Random House 
  • Softcover. Format C. Indexed
  • Condition. Very Good


The Revealing Biography of M.Scott Peck

This incisive biography reveals that M. Scott Peck's own life was difficult, very difficult. He was psychologically abused by his bullying father, a celebrity lawyer. He rebelled as a teenager and was briefly ordered into a psychiatric hospita. Having enjoyed sexual encounters with women and men, he defied his father by marrying Lily Ho, a Chinese girl he met a university. He later betrayed Lily, his wife of forty-three years, with extramarital affairs. Peck served in the US Army but, appalled by the Pentagon's indifference to the atrocities of the Vietnam War, subsequently resigned his commission and set up in private practice.

Being estranged from his three children because of his self-centred drive, Peck had a love-hate relationship with the fame his work brought him. Two years before his death from cancer in 2005, Lily left him and they divorced. He married Kathy Yeates Peck in 2004.
M. Scott Peck was a wounded healer with a dark side. With honesty and compassion, Arthur Jones maps the winding parth through life of a man who gave so much hope to many, who was so helpful for others, yet who was nonetheless - reputation and money aside - frequently far less successful for himself, for his family and those closest to him. 

The Road He Travelled is both the fascinating analysis of an unusual man who was full of contraditcions, and also a cultrual portrait of the self-help movement which had such an extraordinary impact on the Western world in the second half of the twentieth century.

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