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Post Marks (by Leo Haks, Colleen Dallimore, Alan Jackson)

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Post Marks

Post Marks
(by Leo Haks, Colleen Dallimore, Alan Jackson)


ISBN: 9780987654663

  • 2015 edition.  320 pages.  
  • Published by Kowhai Media
  • Hardcover. Large. D/j Fully illustrated.
  • Condition. New


The Way We Were - Early New Zealand Postcards 1897 - 1922

Post Marks reveals the pioneer roots of New Zealand culture, the importance society placed on industry and infrastructure and the rapidly changing shape of our landscapes. It includes reproductions of more than 500 New Zealand postcards, many of them so rare they may be the only surviving examples of this early and formative period of the nation’s history.
The aim of this book is to provide an introduction to New Zealand picture postcards and what they reveal. It presents mainly photography-based postcards from 1897 — when the first official New Zealand picture postcard was published — until 1922. This 25-year period includes the boom years in New Zealand postcard production, 1903–1910, and World War I.

Postcards were mementos of where people lived and worked, where they went on holiday, what they could buy, who they should vote for and what they could laugh at. The variety of subjects illustrated provides an overview of New Zealand’s socioeconomic situation — a fairly reliable database of the country and its people during those formative years. Indeed, the widespread availability of postcards on certain topics could justify individual books in their own right: sport, churches, post offices, railways and town views.

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