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Non Fiction Books » Gardening


A Practical Step-By-Step Guide to Fruit For the Ho (by Leslie Johns and Violet Stevenson)



A Practical Step-By-Step Guide to Palms For The Ho (by Lynette Stewart)



Aquatic Plants & Their Cultivation (by Helen Nash with Steve Stroupe)



Attracting Birds and Other Wildlife to Your Garden (by Gordon Ell)



Cultivated Plants of the World (by Don Ellison)



Easy Outdoor Living (by Clare Matthews)



Gardening With Containers (by Jill Sturgin)



Gardening with Camellias: A New Zealand guide (by Jim Rolfe )



Handbook of Trees and Shrubs For the Southerin Hem (by Richmond E. Harrison)



Heritage Gardening (by Dr Judyth McLeod)



Hugh Johnson's Encyclopaedia of Trees (by Hugh Johnson)



Know Your Garden Series: Ornamental Conifers (by Charles R. Harrison)



Know your Garden Series: Bulbs and Perennials (by R.E. Harrison)



Living Organic (by Adrienne Clarke, Helen Porter, Helen Quested, Pat Thomas)



Look to the Rose (by Sam McGredy)



New Zealand Trees & Shrubs (by L.J. Metcalf)



Private Gardens of NZ Taranaki (by Rosemary Barrett (text), Derek Hughes (photography))



Roses (by Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix)



Shared Visions (by Maggie Barry, Mary Greene)



Shrub Roses & Compatible Plantings to Enhance Your (by Sally Allison)



Stirling Macoboy's What Shrub is That? (by Stirling MaCoboy)



The Black Truffle Its History, Uses and Cultivati (by Ian Hall, Gordon Brown, James Byars)



The Charm of Nancy Steen (by Susan McAffer)



The Collingridge Handbook of Bonsai (by Anne Swinton)



The Garden Year in New Zealand (by Jonathan Spade)



The Gardener's Atlas (by Dr. John Grimshaw)



The Gardens At Hatfield (by Sue Snell)



The New Zealand Garden Adviser (by Edited by Karen H. Haynes)



The Reader's Digest Encyclopedia of Gardening (by Edited)



The World of Kew (by Ronald King)



Under The Spell Of The Ages: Australian Country Ga (by Trisha Dixon)



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