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Non Fiction Books » History

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"The Good War" (by Studs Terkel)



'HMS Marlborough Will Enter Harbour' (by Nicholas Monsarrat)



125 Years of Expedition and Discovery (by Lyle Rexer & Rachel Klein)



74 Days : An Islander's Diary of the Falklands Occ (by John Smith)



A Bold and Dangerous Family (by Caroline Moorehead )



A Book Of New Zealand (by Edited by J.C. Reid & Peter Cave)



A Century of Secondary Education (by Edited by R.G. Habershon)



A Concise History of Photography (by Helmut Gernsheim & Alison Gernsheim)



A Day Of Battle (by David Ascoli)



A Destiny Apart (by Keith Sinclair.)



A Good Place To Hide (by Peter Grose)



A History Of Britain (by Simon Schama)



A History Of New Zealand Life (by W.P. Morrell, D.O.W. Hall)



A History Of The English-Speaking Peoples Volume 2 (by Winston S. Churchill)



A History Of The English-Speaking Peoples Volume I (by Winston S. Churchill)



A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Volume 3 (by Winston S. Churchill)



A Human Being Died That Night: Forgiving Apartheid (by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela)



A Kiwi in the Shetland Scattald (by Graeme Laurenson)



A People's History - 1769-1869 (by Selected by W.H Olliver)



A Poem In Stone (by St. Mary's Church, New Plymouth)



A Prophet at Home (by Douglas Reed)



A Separate Creation (by Selected and annotated by Graham Pizzey)



A Show Of Justice (by Alan Ward)



A Stockman's Gift (by Rosalind McClean)



A True Story of the Great Escape (by Louise Williams)



A Victor's Reflections and other Tales of China's (by Michael C Tang)



A World Too Vast: The Four Voyages of Columbus (by Alexander McKee)



A Writer's Eye (by Paul Horgan)



A Year Of Battle (by Alan Moorehead)



Absolut: Biography of a Bottle (by Carl Hamilton)



Africa Explored (by Christoper Hibbert)



Agatharchides of Cnidus (by Translated and Edited by Stanley M. Burstein)



Air Power At Sea 1939-45 (by John Winton)



Alamein (by C.E.Lucas Phillips)



All Hell Let Loose - The World At War 1939-1945 (by Max Hastings)



Americans in Paris (by Charles Glass)



Among The Heroes (by Jere Longman)



An Elizabethan in 1582 (by Edited by Elizabeth Story Donno)



An Illustrated History of Taranaki (by Gail and Ron Lambert)



Anatahan (by Michiro Maruyama)



Antarctica: Great Stories From The Frozen Continen (by Reader's Digest)



Apache (by Ed Macy)



Ardennes 1944 Hitler's Last Gamble (by Anthony Beevor)



Armada (by Duff Hart-Davis)



Armed Madhouse (by Greg Palast )



Arms, Autarky and Aggression (by William Carr)



Arthur Evans And The Palace Of Minos (by Ann Brown)



At Day's Close: A History of Nightime (by A.Roger Ekirch)



Atlas of Classical History (by Edited by Richard J.A.Talbert)



Australia's Pearl Harbour: Darwin 1942 (by Douglas Lockwood)



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