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Non Fiction Books » History

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"The Good War" (by Studs Terkel)



'HMS Marlborough Will Enter Harbour' (by Nicholas Monsarrat)



125 Years of Expedition and Discovery (by Lyle Rexer & Rachel Klein)



74 Days : An Islander's Diary of the Falklands Occ (by John Smith)



A Bold and Dangerous Family (by Caroline Moorehead )



A Book Of New Zealand (by Edited by J.C. Reid & Peter Cave)



A Century of Secondary Education (by Edited by R.G. Habershon)



A Concise History of Photography (by Helmut Gernsheim & Alison Gernsheim)



A Day Of Battle (by David Ascoli)



A Destiny Apart (by Keith Sinclair.)



A Good Place To Hide (by Peter Grose)



A History Of Britain (by Simon Schama)



A History Of New Zealand Life (by W P Morrell, D O W Hall)



A History Of The English-Speaking Peoples Volume 2 (by Winston S. Churchill)



A History Of The English-Speaking Peoples Volume I (by Winston S. Churchill)



A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Volume 3 (by Winston S. Churchill)



A Human Being Died That Night: Forgiving Apartheid (by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela)



A Kiwi in the Shetland Scattald (by Graeme Laurenson)



A People's History - 1769-1869 (by Selected by W.H Olliver)



A Poem In Stone (by St. Mary's Church, New Plymouth)



A Prophet at Home (by Douglas Reed)



A Separate Creation (by Selected and annotated by Graham Pizzey)



A Stockman's Gift (by Rosalind McClean)



A True Story of the Great Escape (by Louise Williams)



A Victor's Reflections and other Tales of China's (by Michael C Tang)



A World Too Vast: The Four Voyages of Columbus (by Alexander McKee)



A Writer's Eye (by Paul Horgan)



A Year Of Battle (by Alan Moorehead)



Absolut: Biography of a Bottle (by Carl Hamilton)



Africa Explored (by Christoper Hibbert)



Agatharchides of Cnidus (by Translated and Edited by Stanley M. Burstein)



Air Power At Sea 1939-45 (by John Winton)



Alamein (by C.E.Lucas Phillips)



All Hell Let Loose - The World At War 1939-1945 (by Max Hastings)



Among The Heroes (by Jere Longman)



An Elizabethan in 1582 (by Edited by Elizabeth Story Donno)



Anatahan (by Michiro Maruyama)



Antarctica: Great Stories From The Frozen Continen (by Reader's Digest)



Apache (by Ed Macy)



Ardennes 1944 Hitler's Last Gamble (by Anthony Beevor)



Armada (by Duff Hart-Davis)



Armed Madhouse (by Greg Palast )



Arms, Autarky and Aggression (by William Carr)



Arthur Evans And The Palace Of Minos (by Ann Brown)



At Day's Close: A History of Nightime (by A.Roger Ekirch)



Atlas of Classical History (by Edited by Richard J.A.Talbert)



Australia's Pearl Harbour: Darwin 1942 (by Douglas Lockwood)



Barbot on Guinea: Vol I: The Writings of Jean Barb (by Edited by Paul Hair)



Barbot on Guinea: Vol II: The Writings of Jean Bar (by Edited by Paul Hair)



Barenetha Rock: A True Drama of The Sea (by Stanley Rogers)



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