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Non Fiction Books » New Zealand

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"I'm Glad I Asked You That" (by A.K. Grant)



'neath the mantle of rangi - Original New Zealand (by Brian Enting)



100 Big Ideas (by Matthew Wright)



50 Years On Track (by Sandy Myhre)



8 Tribes The Hidden Classes of New Zealand (by Jill Caldwell and Christopher Brown)



A Book Of New Zealand (by Edited by J.C. Reid & Peter Cave)



A Book of New Zealand- Revised Edition (by J.C Reid & Peter Cape )



A Deeper Shade of Green (by Ed. by Johann Bernhardt)



A Desperate Dawn: The battle for Turuturu Mokai 18 (by Nigel Ogle, Ron Crosby )



A Destiny Apart (by Keith Sinclair.)



A Directory of Wetlands in New Zealand (by Edited by Derek A Scott)



A Fighting Quality: New Zealanders at war (by Cedric Mentiplay )



A Fire In Your Belly Maori Leaders Speak (by Paul Diamond)



A History Of New Zealand Life (by W P Morrell, D O W Hall)



A Home-grown Cook: The Dame Alison Holst Story (by Dame Alison Holst with Barbara Larson)



A Kiwi in the Shetland Scattald (by Graeme Laurenson)



A Long Patrol (by James Sanders)



A Magnificent Obsession (by Stuart Rees)



A Natural History of Auckland (by Edited by John Morton)



A People's History - 1769-1869 (by Selected by W.H Olliver)



A Poem In Stone (by St. Mary's Church, New Plymouth)



A Stockman's Gift (by Rosalind McClean)



AA Book Of New Zealand Wildlife (by Automobile Association, New Zealand)



Against the Odds: New Zealand Paralympians (by Alison Gray)



All Blacks v Lions (by Ron Palenski)



Amiria. The Life Story of a Maori Woman (by Amiria Manutahi Stirling as told to Anne Salmond)



An Angel at my Table Volume Two (by Janet Frame)



Andris where are you? (by Ron Crosby)



Angela (by Angela D'Audney, Nicky Pellegrino)



Arable Farm Crops of New Zealand (by J.H. Claridge)



Art Galleries and Museums in New Zealand (by Keith W. Thomson)



Artist & Bon Vivant: a memoir of Bruce Henry (by Norma Ashworth & Jocelyn Chisholm)



Behold The Plains The Story of the Old Houses of (by Dorothea Joblin)



Ben and Eleanor Farjeon (by A.H. Reed)



Berry Boys - Portratits of First World War Soldier (by Michael Fitzgerald and Claire Regnault)



Between the Lines: A cartoon century of New Zealan (by Ian F. Grant)



Beyond the Roaring Forties: New Zealand's Subantar (by Conon Fraser)



Bible-Back (by Captain Edward Parsons)



Bill Hammond 23 Big Pictures (by Dunedin Public Art Gallery)



Bishop in the Dock (by Rory Sweetman)



Bitch & Famous (by Wendyl Nissen)



Born To Lead (by Paul Verdon)



Bridging the Centuries (by Valerie Cowan)



Bright Star Beatrice Hill Tinsley Astronomer (by Christine Cole Catley)



Bringing Up The Rear - The Sequel to 'Freyberg's C (by Noel 'Wig' Gardiner)



Brothers in Arms: Gordon and Robin Harper in the G (by Jock Phillips with Philip Harper and Susan Harper)

$39.99 $29.99


By His Own Merits: Sir John Hall (by Jean Garner)



Campbell Island (by Derek Fell)



Campbelltown Rongotea (by Vera Hunt)



Camping on the Faultline: A Memoir (by Marilyn Duckworth)



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