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Non Fiction Books » Rare & Unusual

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A Century of Secondary Education (by Edited by R.G. Habershon)



A Fire In Your Belly Maori Leaders Speak (by Paul Diamond)



A Living Dinosaur? In Search of Mokele-Mbembe (by Dr Roy. P. Mackal)



A Mountain in Tibet (by Charles Allen )



A Plumber's Progress (by W.J. O'Connell)



Beeton's Book Of Household Management. (by Ed. Mrs Isabella Beeton)



Birds of my Kalam Country (by Ian Saem Majnep, Ralph Bulmer)



Campbelltown Rongotea (by Vera Hunt)



Clearings: Six Colonial Gardeners and their Landsc (by Paul Fox)



Convicts New Zealand's Hidden Criminal Past (by Matthew Wright)



Exotic Trees The Conifers (by John T Salmond)



Follow Your Star (by Margaret Hammer)



Freedom's Own Island (by Arthur Bryant)



Government Valuers: Valuation NZ 1896-1996 (by Bryan Gilling)



Heavy Metal The Vinyl Years 1970-1990 (by John Allinson)



Heritage Gardening (by Dr Judyth McLeod)



How To Teach Yourself Fly Casting (by Mike Weddell)



In Search of Prehistoric Survivors (by Karl P.N. Shuker)



In the Court of King Crimson (by Sid Smith)



In the Shadow of War (by Nicholas Boyack Jane Tolerton)



Kendo The Definitive Guide (by Hiroshi Ozawa)



Kiss & Tell (by Gordon G.G. Gebert & Bob McAdams)



Kiwis In Captivity (by F.D. Robson)



Letters from the Bay of Islands (by Ed. Caroline Fitzgerald)



Medeia's Story (by C.W Fairgray)



Medicos and Memories (by Dr Jim Dixon and Dr Bob Goodwin.)



Metal The Definitive Guide (by Gary Sharpe-Young)



Military Wings vol. Two (by Brendon Deere)



Moths of the Limberlost (by Gene Stratton-Porter)



My Autobiography - Bobby Womack: Midnight Mover (by Bobby Womack with Robert Ashton)



My Favourite Seafood Recipes (by Rick Stein)



Oriental Assembly (by T. E. Lawrence)



Origins of The Primary School Curriculum 1840-78 (by J.L. Ewing)



Pacific Aircraft Wrecks...and Where to Find Them (by Charles Darby)



Photocpl: New Zealand Surfing Photography 1991-200 (by Photocpl Media)



Red Sky at Night (by Jo Capka D.F.M.)



Ride The Story of Cycling in New Zealand (by Jonathon Kennett et al.)



Shrub Roses & Compatible Plantings to Enhance Your (by Sally Allison)



Slices from New Zealand's History (by Joy Hunter)



South London (by Walter Besant)



Station Country (by Philip Holden)



Storm Out Of Africa (by Richard Shears, Isobelle Gidley)



Talking Pictures (by Ransom Riggs)



The Compte De Saint Germain (by Jean Overton Fuller)



The Dolphins' Message (by Adrian Hayter.)



The History of Winchester Firearms (by George R. Watrous)



The Immigrants (by Tony Simpson)



The Kingston Story 1800-2000 (by Alister Fraser)



The Victory Book (by Odham Press)



The Wild Flowers of the British Isles (by David Streeter & Ian Garrard)



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