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Non Fiction Books » Art and Design

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A Writer's Eye (by Paul Horgan)



Advertising Today (by Warren Berger)



Airflow (by Philip Castle)



All-American Ads of the 50s (by Taschen)



Annual Reports 2006 (by Edited by B. Martin Pedersen)



Art + Science Now (by Stephen wilson)



Art Galleries and Museums in New Zealand (by Keith W. Thomson)



Art of Modern Rock Mini A-Z (by Dennis King)



Art of the 20th Century: Vol 1 & 2 (by Various Authors listed below)



Audubon's Birds (by The Natural History Museum Library)



Audubon. (by John Chancellor)



Best Ads Fantasy in Advertising (by Dave Saunders)



Bill Hammond 23 Big Pictures (by Dunedin Public Art Gallery)



Break Construct (by Govett-Brewster Art Gallery)



Camouflage (by Tim Newark)



Ceramics Source Book (by Errol Manners)



Ceramics and Glasswear (by Alma Caira)



Classic Natural History Prints: Mammals (by S.Peter Dance)



Claude Monet Painter of Light (by Claude Monet)



Clay and Glazes for the Potter (by Daniel Rhodes)



Country Churches of New Zealand (by Don Donovan)



Creating Impressionist Landscapes in Oil (by Colley Whisson)



Dreamtime Heritage (by Ainslie Roberts and Melva Jean Roberts)



Edward Lear's Birds (by Susan Hyman)



Even More Great Design Using 1,2,& 3 Colors (by Supon Design Group)



Fabrications Works by Forty New Zealand Fibre Arti (by Anne Nicholas)



Fiordland (by Peter Beadle)



Frances Hodgkins Paintings and Drawings (by Iain Buchanan, Michael Dunn, Elisabeth Eastmond)



Gabriel Kuri: and thanks in advance (by Govett-Brewster Art Gallery)



Ghost Towns (by Pae White)



Graphic Design School (by David Dabner)



Homepage and Splashpage: Website Graphics (by Richard Karl Danielson)



Idea Index (by Jim Krause)



In the Company of Bears (by Prue Theobalds)



Interactive Design 3 (by Edited by B. Martin Pedersen)



John James Audubon (by Margot Keam Cleary)



Journey Through a Landscape (by Don Neilson (paintings) & Ian F. Grant (text))



Kalighat Painting (by Ed. Sushahini Sinha and Professor C. Panda)



Latin American Graphic Design (by Editors: Felipe Taborda & Julius Wiedemann)



Lempicka (by Baseline Co Ltd)



Len Castle Making the Molecules Dance (by Len Castle)



Len Castle Potter (by Len Castle)



Len Lye (by Edited by Tyler Cann & Wystan Curnow)



Lions 41st International Advertising Festival (by Edited by Liz Farrelly)



Look to the Rose (by Sam McGredy)



Naive Art (by Baseline Co Ltd)



New Zealand Art : Painting 1827-1890 (by Hamish Keith)



New Zealand By Design (by Michael Smythe)



Now Showing (by Various Contributors)



On Kawara: Consciousness. Meditation. Watcher On T (by Ikon Gallery)



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