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Non Fiction Books » Biography

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'Tis A Memoir (by Frank McCourt)



1966 and all that: My Autobiography (by Geoff Hurst with Michael Hart)



A Bold and Dangerous Family (by Caroline Moorehead )



A Book of New Zealand- Revised Edition (by J.C Reid & Peter Cape )



A Fabulous Failure (by Nicolette Connors)



A History Of Silence (by Lloyd Jones)



A Home-grown Cook: The Dame Alison Holst Story (by Dame Alison Holst with Barbara Larson)



A Larrikin's Memoir: Precious Bodily Fluids (by Charles Waterstreet)



A Life Without Limits A World Champion's Journey (by Chrissie Wellington)



A Life by design: The art and lives of Florence B (by Siobhan O'Brien)



A Mirror Garden: A Memoir (by Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian & Zara Houshmand)



A Monk Swimming (by Malachy McCourt )



A Nurse In Time (by Evelyn Prentis)



A Perfect Gentleman: The Sir Wilson Whineray Story (by Bob Howitt.)



A Rage To Live (by Mary S. Lovell)



A Raven In My Heart (by Kay McKracken)



A Train in Winter (by Caroline Moorehead )



A Vision of Eden. (by Marianne North)



AC/DC The Story of the Original Monsters of Rock (by Jerry Ewing)



AC/DC The Ultimate Illustrated History (by Phil Sutcliffe)



Accidentally On Purpose (by Mary Pols)



After Cleo:Came Jonah (by Helen Brown)



Allenby (by Brian Gardner)



Amiria. The Life Story of a Maori Woman (by Amiria Manutahi Stirling as told to Anne Salmond)



An Angel at my Table Volume Two (by Janet Frame)



An Appetite For Wonder (by Richard Dawkins)



And Furthermore: Judi Dench (by Judi Dench with John Miller)



Andris where are you? (by Ron Crosby)



Anne's Song (by Anne Nolan with Richard Barber)



Anton Oliver Inside (by Anton Oliver with Brian Turner)



Any Chance Of A Game? (by Barney Ronay)



Arguments with England: A Memoir (by Michael Blakemore)



Artist & Bon Vivant: a memoir of Bruce Henry (by Norma Ashworth & Jocelyn Chisholm)



Audubon. (by John Chancellor)



Back Form Africa (by Corinne Hofmann )



Band-Aid for a Broken Leg: Being a Doctor with No (by Damien Brown)



Barbra The Way She Is (by Christopher Andersen)



Becoming Beyonce (by J. Randy Taraborrelli)



Beegee: The Bryan Williams Story (by Bob Howitt.)



Behind The Tape (by Lance Burdett)



Ben and Eleanor Farjeon (by A.H. Reed)



Benito Mussolini: A Biography (by Christoper Hibbert)



Benji - my story (by Benji Marshal with Glenn Jackson)



Between Gods (by Alison Pick)



Between a Rock and a Hard Place (by Aron Ralston)



Between the Dying and the Dead (by Neal Nicol & Harry Wylie)



Bible-Back (by Captain Edward Parsons)



Birds of the Air (by Eric Simms)



Bitch & Famous (by Wendyl Nissen)



Bligh - William Bligh in the South Seas (by Anne Salmond)



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