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Fiction Books » Fantasy and Sci-Fi


Angelology (by Danielle Trussoni)



Ben Brown's Adventure Beyond The Universe (by Michael C. Thorp)



Brotherhood of the Wolf (by David Farland)



Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2 (by Various)



Edenborn (by Nick Sagan)



Foundling: Part One (by D.M. Cornish)



Ice Breaker (by Lian Tanner)



In The Forest Fey (by Vanessa-Gaye & Kerry-Gaye Schiff)



Matched (by Ally Condie)



Perfect Dark: Second Front (by Greg Rucka)



Rampant (by Diana Peterfreund)



Sasha (by Joel Shepherd)



Son of Heaven (by David Wingrove)



Sons of the Oak (by David Farland)



Star Trek: Into Darkness (by Alan Dean Foster)



The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (by Heather Brewer)



The Lair of Bones (by David Farland)



The Madness of Hallen (by Russell Meek)



The Queen in Winter (by Claire Delacroix, Lynn Kurland, Sharon Shinn & Sarah Monette)



The Song of the Silvercades (by K.S.Nikakis)



The Sum of all Men (by David Farland)



The Wolf Gift (by Anne Rice)



Wizard Born (by David Farland)



Wolf Springs Chronicles: Unleashed (by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie)



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