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Fiction Books » Poetry


15 Contemporary New Zealand Poets (by Edited by Alistair Paterson)



A Normal Skin (by John Burnside)



Aotearoa Psalms: Prayers of a New People (by Text by Joy Cowley)



Days Among Trees (by Jan Hutchinson)



Dedications (by J.C. Sturm)



Doubtless New & Selected Poems (by Sam Hunt)



Gone No Address (by R.F. Brown)



How We Fell (by Glenn Colquhoun)



Jazz Waiata (by Robert Sullivan)



Laws for Creations (by Walt Whitman)



Mrs Winter's Jump (by Jenny Bornholdt)



New Zealand Poetry for Fun (by Air New Zealand)



Overnght Downpour (by Andrew Fagan)



Piki Ake! (by Robert Sullivan)



Playing God (by Glenn Colquhoun)



Poetical Works of Henry Lawson (by Henry Lawson)



Speaking In Tongues (by L.E.Scott)



The Collected Poems of Katherine Mansfield (by Ed. Gerri Kimber and Claire Davison)



The Man From Snowy River & Other Verses (by A.B. Paterson)



The Works Of Alfred Tennyson (by Alfred Tennyson)



Two Centuries of Australian Poetry (by Selected by Kathrine Bell)



White Feathers Poetry and Peace. An Anthology (by Ed.Terry Locke, Peter Lowe, John Winslade.)



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