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Fiction Books » New Books


A Book is a Book (by Jenny Bornholdt)



A Free Range Life: Winter Goodness (by Annabel Langbein)



Baa Baa Smart Sheep (by Mark and Rowan Sommerset)



Charlie and the Bees (by Hayley Elliott-Kernot)



Finding Dermot (by Graeme Connell)



Greatest Hits (by Laura Barnett)



Ice Breaker (by Lian Tanner)



It's OK to be You (by Barbara Maher)



Kiwi and Roo (by Bruce Newcomb)



Kiwi and Roo Aussie Top End (by Bruce Newcomb)



Kiwi and Roo Can Do (by Bruce Newcomb)



Kiwi and Roo Tiki Tour with Sue (by Bruce Newcomb)



Mothers: All Love Begins Here (by edited by Barbara Maher)



Perky The Pukeko (by Michelle Osment)



Perky and his Chicks (by Michelle Osment)



Perky and the Possum Trap (by Michelle Osment)



Perky by the Roadside (by Michelle Osment)



Perky the Pukeko and the Cow (by Michelle Osment)



Perky the Pukeko goes to School (by Michelle Osment)



Rose Rigdens' Escape To The Wildside (by Rose Rigden)



Rose Rigdens' Wildside (by Rose Rigden)



Shadows in the Night (by Evan G Andrew )



Shadows of Doubt (by Evan G Andrew )



Stuck in Poo What to do? (by Samantha Laugesen Kezzia Crossley)



The Paris Architect (by Charles Balfoure)



The Weather Machine (by Donovan Bixley)



Toucan Can (by Juliette MacIver & Sarah Davis)



Waffle Goes to New Plymouth (by Hayley Elliott-Kernot)



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